Compliance Policies

Patriot provides complimentary comprehensive policy and procedure manuals in order to be used as in-house tools for establishing policies and procedures, reference tools for requirements, and to further assist your organization in maintaining proper compliance procedures.

Each manual is written in an easy to use format with all contents having been compiled from information taken directly from the respective government acts, listed requirements, and general procedure information as provided by the government agencies administering these acts.

The manuals provide pages for input of individual client information for desired customization purposes.

Patriot manuals are COMPLIMENTARY and can be downloaded for printing and customization, or saved for future reference via the below listed links.

OFAC Policy and Procedure Manual

The OFAC Policy & Procedure Manual is a comprehensive guide designed for clients to use as their in-house reference tool to assist with OFAC compliance.

The OFAC Policy & Procedure Manual has been setup in an easy to use and understand format. It provides explanations of what OFAC is, what purpose it serves, and how to contact OFAC.

It provides information on regulations for financial institutions, penalties, risks and OFAC violations for non-compliance and what is recommended for demonstrating OFAC compliance.

There is a section to input individual institution information in order to utilize this policy and procedure manual for in-house policy compliance requirements.

There are explanations of what an SDN is, an example of an SDN entry and how to determine if it is a match, and also a sample of an SDN list as well as where to obtain lists.

It also defines what transactions are subject to OFAC, what is necessary for compliance procedures and what special licensing requirements are necessary to unblock blocked funds.

At the end of the policy and procedure manual there are sample submission reports, sample reporting documents, sample transaction reports and a sample application for the release of blocked funds. These reports can be copied and used for the specific purposes pertaining to what they are intended for.

Manuals are copyrighted but provide pages for individual client information to be input to be used as in-house reference tools.  Click the following link to download a complimentary copy.

Download the OFAC Policy & Procedure Manual

BSA/AML Examination Manual Updated April 2010

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Examination Manual provides guidance to examiners for carrying out BSA/AML and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) examinations.

An effective BSA/AML compliance program requires sound risk management; therefore, the manual also provides guidance on identifying and controlling risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.

This manual contains an overview of BSA/AML compliance program requirements, BSA/AML risks and risk management expectations, industry sound practices, and examination procedures.

The development of this manual was a collaborative effort of the federal and state banking agencies and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, to ensure consistency in the application of the BSA/AML requirements.

In addition, OFAC assisted in the development of the sections of the manual that relate to OFAC reviews.

Download the BSA/AML Policy Examination Manual

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