Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tests (CRAT)

Why should you contract an outside firm to test your networks for vulnerabilities?

The ongoing data breaches and cyberattacks on government agencies, retail organizations, the banking industry, and others with sensitive data demonstrates that anyone can scan your network perimeter and probe your services for access points and vulnerabilities in order to conduct criminal activity and gain unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

So why should you enlist the help of an outsider to conduct risk assessment tests? Here's why: an organization such as Patriot utilizes highly trained personnel with anti-hacking expertise to conduct the tests and upon test completion provides comprehensive reports and recommendations to help you improve your security measures.

They use a well-conceived test plan that can be repeated as often as necessary (a) to determine whether new access points have been opened and left vulnerable (b) to verify that corrective measures you implement following a CRAT summary report are properly implemented (c) to distinguish between new vulnerabilities versus deviations from the baseline that are legitimate policy changes.

What does Patriot provide to address this issue?

Patriot provides clients with network security management services by utilizing a comprehensive set of applications to effectively determine potential vulnerabilities in order to successfully manage the overall security of their networks.

Patriot performs an extensive series of cybersecurity risk assessment tests in order to measure the exposure of the network resources and online services to attacks from the Internet and evaluate the effectiveness of the network controls, (Firewalls, Routers, Servers, etc.), in order to prevent such attacks.

The tools, methods, and techniques employed by Patriot to perform these tests are generally well known throughout both the computer security and "hacker" communities. In order to effectively identify with the ever-changing methods of the possible hackers and intruders, Patriot updates the variety of cybersecurity risk assessment applications it uses on a regular basis. To avoid the risk of bringing down services during the actual testing process Patriot uses a non-destructive series of attacks that relies on banners rather than exploiting real flaws to determine if vulnerabilities are present.

Vulnerabilities or configuration liabilities discovered as a result of these tests can be viewed as those that any intruder may find while testing the network and connected systems. Tests are conducted over the Internet to determine if external network security controls, (Firewalls, Routers, Servers, etc.) are effective in preventing unwanted external intrusion. All Internet tests are accomplished from the perspective of an outsider trying to gain unauthorized access.

During the testing process Patriot notifies the client of any critical security problems immediately, in some cases providing interim reports detailing the attack along with providing recommendations for defensive measures.

Upon completion of the testing process the results of all tests are summarized into a comprehensive .pdf summary that lists the network and service layer attacks applied, a summary of all open ports along with risk factor levels, insight as to possible violations that may occur as a result of specific vulnerabilities and the recommended necessary corrective measures or patches needed to provide a higher level of security for the systems, network and data, in order to facilitate a smoother and more secure flow of operation.

The summary is prepared and arranged in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Test Summaries contain comprehensive assessment test results which are tailored to be client specific.  Click the following link to download a CRAT Summary:


The CRAT is available as a one-off, quarterly, semi-annual or annual service and is priced to meet each clients budgetary guidelines.

The only requirement that clients need to fulfill is to provide Patriot with the Network IP Range, Server IP's, and any public IP addresses that are to be tested.


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