Introduction to the PatriotWeb™

The PatriotWeb™ program was developed to assist in compliance with regulatory issues for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorism, the USA PATRIOT Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), FinCEN 314(a), and other related domestic and foreign governmental regulatory requirements.

Program Overview

The PatriotWeb™ program was designed to be installed over network and is best for one server with multiple client applications.

This version serves best where your server is used as an internal Web server with each of your workstations utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer (Browser) as a client to perform the single name search functions simply by using a URL you setup for them to access your server.

This version can be setup over an internal network and also over the Internet for multiple branch locations to access and provides the options to perform either OFAC SDN and OFAC PLC searches, FinCEN 314(a) searches or searches of OFAC SDN, OFAC PLC and FinCEN 314(a) entries simultaneously.

PatriotWeb™ Benefits

  1. The PatriotWeb™ program is network ready and can be installed on a server along with multiple workstations on a network providing use access to multiple users simultaneously
  2. The PatriotWeb™ program is completely scalable to seamlessly integrate into your existing systems and can be provided as a "private label" program

Key Features

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Live Update/Import Data Lists n/a n/a
Share Common Data Lists/Files/Reports n/a n/a
Network Ready n/a n/a
Single User Enabled n/a n/a
Multi-User Enabled n/a n/a
Single Search Functionality n/a n/a
Review Search Results n/a n/a
Print/Save Search/Audit Reports n/a n/a
Scalable for Modifications & Integration n/a n/a

(WIN = Windows version, WEB = Web version, M-B = Multi-Batch version, DLL = .dll version)

Purchasing the PatriotWeb™ program

To enquire about pricing, product customization, or software application integration options for developers, please send your enquiry information via email

In order to download a no-obligation, 10-day trial evaluation version of the PatriotWeb™ program, please submit your requests via the above listed contact reference point.

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