Introduction to the Global Patriot™

In order to address the global legislation issues for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorism, the USA PATRIOT Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and other global governmental regulatory requirements, Patriot Techcorp has developed the Global Patriot™ program.

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Program Overview

The Global Patriot™ program is a software application that was designed to take compliance to the next level by providing:

As intelligence is gathered from the pertinent sources the data is correlated into a structured file database located within a central repository that is securely managed by Patriot Techcorp.

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Content and Coverage

The Global Patriot™ program data files contain a plethora of informational inputs ranging from identification fields such as First Name, Last Name, Aliases, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Passport and other Identification Numbers, Addresses, and other applicable information as provided by the associated issuing agency and/or organization.

The Global Patriot™ program database covers well over 200 countries and territories and includes high risk individuals and businesses such as known terrorists, terrorist financiers, fraudsters, money launderers, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), perpetrators of organized crime, narcotics traffickers, arms dealers, shell financial institutions and their beneficial owners, sanctioned entities and individuals and a variety of other categories such as:

  • Banks: Shell; Unlicensed
  • Blacklisted: Persons; Companies; Countries
  • CIA; Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
  • Corporate: Charities; and Associated Companies
  • Country: Representatives; Blacklisted
  • Crime: Associated; Financial; Narcotic; Organized; War and Other
  • Diplomat: Individuals
  • Embargo: Entities; Persons; Countries
  • Embargo Vessel
  • Individual: Influential; Associated; Politically Exposed
  • Legal: Debarred Lawyers; Judiciary
  • Military: High Ranking Officers
  • Organization: Barred; Banned; Blacklisted
  • Political Individuals: Political Party Leaders and Presidents
  • Political Parties: Across the Globe
  • Religion: Sects
  • Terrorism: Terrorists; Organizations; Financiers; Associated with
  • Trade Unions: Representatives; Crime

Key Features

Global Patriot™ is currently available as a Windows application. Future release versions will include the Web, Multi-Batch and .DLL versions.

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Live Update/Import Data Lists tba tba tba
Recognize Different File Formats & Delimiters tba tba tba
Build Custom Accept Lists tba tba tba
Create Custom Denied Persons Lists tba tba tba
Share Common Data Lists/Files/Reports tba tba tba
Network Ready tba tba tba
Single User Enabled tba tba tba
Multi-User Enabled tba tba tba
Single Search Functionality tba tba tba
Batch Search Functionality tba tba tba
Review Search Results While Processing tba tba tba
Produce Special Audit Reports tba tba tba
Print/Save Search/Audit Reports tba tba tba
Schedule Automated Batch Searches tba tba tba tba
Scalable for Modifications & Integration tba tba tba

(WIN = Windows version, WEB = Web version, M-B = Multi-Batch version, DLL = .dll version)

Global Patriot™ Benefits

  1. The Global Patriot™ program is unique as the market provides limited resources to obtain, format, and utilize the vast amount of provided data
  2. The Global Patriot™ program is cost-effective
  3. Full technical support is available via email or telephone
  4. The Global Patriot™ program is scalable to add or change functionality and can be customized to meet your needs
  5. The program is network ready and can be installed on a server along with multiple workstations on a network or individually on single workstations

Global Patriot™ program package options

The Global Patriot™ program is available with custom, industry specific data source list packages as well as with the two pre-packaged data source list options listed below:

Option Description
Standard Package Includes data files from a pre-selection of ten (10) available data sources.
Premium Package Includes data files from well over twenty five (25) available data sources.

To enquire about custom, industry specific data source list packages, program pricing, product customization, or software application integration options for developers, please send your enquiry information via email

In order to download a no-obligation, 10-day trial evaluation version of the Global Patriot™ program, please submit your requests via the above listed contact reference point.

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