Network and Systems Remote Management

Patriot' systems engineers recommend that client's considering establishing a network and systems Remote Management program undergo an extensive series of external penetration and vulnerability tests in order to measure the exposure of the network resources and online services to attacks from the Internet prior to establishing the program.

What should you consider to manage your network and connections?

After examining the network for potential vulnerabilities and administering the necessary safeguards to correct those vulnerabilities the recommended second phase would be to setup a Remote Management program

The objective of this program is to provide a 24/7 monitoring service in order to smoothly and efficiently manage the Firewall, Network Connections, Servers, and Routers, immediately notifying the client contact reference point of any changes, violations or downtime that occurs via email or client provided telephone number.

Patriot utilizes an application that is installed on its servers that allows the systems engineering team to monitor the Firewall, Router, Server and Network through a series of ping commands.

The purpose of this service is to maximize the daily operational activities by ensuring a consistent operational flow of business, thus providing more time for the client systems administration staff to conduct other necessary daily functions.

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