Strategic Partnerships

Patriot Techcorp develops and provides software applications for a wide array of industries and distributes its software applications on a retail level as well as making its products available for use and distribution through its strategic partnership and reseller relationships.

All Patriot Techcorp software applications are developed to be fully scalable with the ability to be seamlessly integrated into existing proprietary applications and systems. Patriot Techcorp has also begun integrating its solutions with third parties to provide Financial Services organizations more comprehensive compliance solutions, including Anti-Money Laundering.

Patriot Techcorp provides reseller and licensing relationship opportunities to credit union leagues, data processors, solution providers and a multitude of other industries, and allows for product customization as well as for Patriot products to be licensed and sold as part of its resellers and strategic partners existing applications and solutions.

Patriot Techcorp is always interested in exploring new relationships and opportunities that include: licensing for use, licensing for resale purposes, repackaging programs for distribution as "private label" products, current program customization and also the development of new software programs.

Patriot Techcorp develops its software applications to be available in Windows versions, Web versions, Multi-Batch versions, .dll versions, and has the ability to develop custom-tailored solutions in different versions.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of establishing a strategic partnership, please send your specific interest request to or telephone 310.306.4148 (Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm) PST

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