Introduction to the FinCEN Patriot™

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, (FinCEN) is a division of the U.S. Department of Treasury and provides a network or a means of bringing people and information together to fight the complex problem of money laundering.

The mission of FinCEN is to support law enforcement investigative efforts and foster interagency and global co-operation against domestic and international financial crimes; and to provide U.S. policy makers with strategic analyses of domestic and worldwide money laundering developments, trends and patterns. FinCEN works toward those ends through information collection, analysis and sharing, as well as technological assistance and innovative, cost-effective implementation of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and other Treasury authorities.

The FinCEN Patriot™ is an application that is designed to help financial institutions and other government mandated industries to be in compliance with the regulations of the USA PATRIOT Act and other governmental regulations.

These laws require that all U.S. financial institutions must monitor all financial transactions performed by or through them to detect those that involve any entity or person subject to the FinCEN 314(a) laws and regulations.
Program Overview

The FinCEN Patriot™ provides the ability to be in compliance with these regulations in the most cost-effective and least time consuming manner.

The FinCEN Patriot™ is based on .NET technology and is a database-matching engine that allows for single entry searches of existing client and/or new applicant entries, as well as entire client databases, against the U.S. Department of Treasury's FinCEN provided database.

This "user friendly" software application has an Update FinCEN Files function that allows you to expeditiously import the routinely updated information you receive via email from FinCEN that contains the Person List and the Business List files of information.

FinCEN Patriot™ Benefits

  1. The FinCEN Patriot™ is competitively priced to meet your budgetary needs
  2. The FinCEN Patriot™ license purchase provides the purchaser with an unlimited user license for multiple workstations and users (some restrictions may apply)
  3. Full technical support is available via email or telephone
  4. The FinCEN Patriot™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides for ease-of-use and a clear understanding of all functions and capabilities
  5. The FinCEN Patriot™ is scalable to add or change functionality and can be customized to meet your needs
  6. The FinCEN Patriot™ is network ready and can be installed on a server along with multiple workstations on a network or individually on single workstations
  7. Competitors programs are written in "Basic" language which will soon be phased out by Microsoft and the FinCEN Patriot™ is written in an object-oriented programming language that is based on .NET technology

Key Features

The FinCEN Patriot™ is currently available in a Windows, Multi-Batch and .DLL versions.

Click here to view the product version matrix.

Live Update/Import Data Lists
Recognize Different File Formats & Delimiters tba
Build Custom Accept Lists tba
Share Common Data Lists/Files/Reports tba
Network Ready
Single User Enabled
Multi-User Enabled
Single Search Functionality n/a
Batch Search Functionality n/a
Review Search Results
Print/Save Search/Audit Reports n/a
Schedule Automated Batch Searches n/a n/a
Scalable for Modifications & Integration

(WIN = Windows version, WEB = Web version, M-B = Multi-Batch version, DLL = .dll version)

*** 2024 New Client Package: SPECIAL $625 - Includes licensure for both the OFAC Patriot™ program < Windows & Server Versions >, & the FinCEN Patriot™ program. Annual license renewals remain at the same cost with no pricing increases.

***** We offer special discount pricing for volume licenses. *****

Published fee schedule for financial institutions is as follows, based upon asset size:

Financial Institution Asset Size Annual Price
< $50M $595.00
$51M - $100M $625.00
$101M - $200M $895.00
$201M - $300M $1295.00
> $301M Please call or email for pricing request

To enquire about pricing for non-financial institution clients, product customization, or software application integration options for developers, please send your enquiry information via email to Dr. Michael

In order to download a no-obligation, 10-day trial evaluation version of the FinCEN Patriot™ program, please click this link and select the program and version that is suitable for your application: link.

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