Partner CUSA Technologies

Together with CUSA Technologies, Patriot Techcorp's research and development team collaborated in its efforts to develop a customized version of the Multi-Batch Patriot™ program.

The Multi-Batch Patriot™ program provides the necessary compliance framework for processing multiple client databases quickly and efficiently with minimal due-diligence providing comprehensive search result reports for clear audit trails.

This program version allows automated batch search scheduling that can be setup to run consecutive multiple database searches producing specific reports referencing each database that was searched.

Because Credit Unions need to focus on what matters most--serving their members--they need a solution that is more than a technology and more than a service. Credit Unions need a partner with infinite solutions and technologies who is dedicated to maximizing their success. For more than 30 years, CUSA Technologies has been that partner, delivering powerful custom suites of credit union solutions to more than 800 client-partners nationwide.

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