Patriot Techcorp Releases the OFAC Patriot™ & FinCEN Patriot™ Programs in Version 2.0.0 with Enhanced Features & Functionalilty 



May, 2008


Patriot Techcorp' product innovation for its compliance solutions has continued from the initial release of the OFAC PatriotTM & FinCEN PatriotTM programs in 2003, designed to specifically address U.S. Government regulations, to the release of the OFAC PatriotTM & FinCEN PatriotTM programs in Version 2.0.0.****


The OFAC PatriotTM & FinCEN PatriotTM programs in Version 2.0.0 offer enhanced features & functionality that provide users with:


  • Features that have larger font size and buttons with well-defined use fields that provide for ease-of-use experience
  • An Advanced Options function that provides setup for use with specific Input File Formats that different users may have
  • Enhanced Search Result Reports that uniquely identify all search results in an easy-to-read format (as recommended by Examiners & Auditors)
  • Easy to manage setup of Input & Output Data Files along with a simplified method for network sharing of all files
  • Easy to manage Accept List functions
  • Function completion prompts that help to ensure accuracy
  • Both programs have been enhanced with a unique search algorithm that provides comprehensive searches of large batch files within seconds.


Additionally, the OFAC PatriotTM program Version 2.0.0 is designed to provide compliance processing for all regulated industries and allows users to:


  • Select the option to download the latest OFAC SDN/PLC list from the U.S. Department of Treasury' OFAC division automatically each time the program is opened, or select the option to download the latest OFAC SDN/PLC list by simply clicking the Live Update button when necessary


****Both programs have been upgraded to run on Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 and the Patriot Software installation package contains a .NET Framework executable file that automatically detects if the users system has the necessary .NET Framework installed which is required to effectively utilize the Patriot Software.


In the event the .NET Framework is not detected on the users system during the Patriot Software installation process, the .NET Framework will automatically be installed on the system and then the executable file will self destruct and delete itself from the users system. This process is completed in order to protect the hard disk resources of the users system by minimizing use of disk space.



Product Demo provided upon request.



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