Patriot Techcorp Releases the Global Patriot  Program Version 2 with Enhanced Features & Functionality



October, 2008


Patriot Techcorp' product innovation for its compliance solutions has continued from the initial release of the Global Patriot™ Program in 2006, designed to specifically address the global legislation issues for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorism, the USA PATRIOT Act, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and other related governmental regulatory requirements, to the present release of the Global Patriot™ Program Version 2.


The Global Patriot TM Program Version 2 offers enhanced features & functionality that provide feature enhancements such as:
  • An upgrade to Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 which enables the program to work with all operating systems including newer release computers utilizing MS Vista O/S
  • Improved networking functionality and use of shared & networked data
  • An increased number of industry specific data list packages to select from designed to address specific compliance needs for each industry segment
  • Enhanced search result review features providing additional options for account/transaction type and action selections designed to address needs for a myriad of specialist industry requirements
  • Enhanced reports that uniquely identify all results in an easy-to-read format (as recommended by Examiners & Auditors) 
  • An overall updated program look and feel

Additionally, the Global Patriot™ Program Version 2 is designed to provide compliance processing for all regulated industries in an accurate and expeditious manner by utilizing a unique search algorithm that provides accurate comprehensive searches of large batch data files within seconds.




Product Demo provided upon request.




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