Patriot Techcorp announces the release of the Global Patriot™ program

April, 2006

Patriot Techcorp' ("Patriot"),  product innovation for its compliance solutions has continued from the initial release of
the OFAC Patriot™ and FinCEN Patriot™ programs in 2004, designed to specifically address U.S. government regulations, to the release of the Global Patriot™ program in 2006.

Patriot reaches a significant milestone with the release the Global Patriot™ program, providing a cost-effective tool to address the global legislation issues for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Terrorism, the USA PATRIOT Act,
Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and other related domestic and foreign
governmental regulatory requirements and risk assessment.

The Global Patriot™ program provides significant usability improvements over its competitors as well as a real
return on the software investment, with improved productivity and fully audited results for compliance officers in
financial institutions and other regulated industries.

The Global Patriot™ program is a software application that was designed to take compliance to the next level by

  • structured, risk-related intelligence to assist government, financial institutions and other government
    mandated entities
  • coverage for entities both domestically in the United States and in countries around the globe
  • facilities to achieve compliance with associated legislative issues
  • assistance to further government policies and achieve national and international security objectives

The Global Patriot™ program consolidates and organizes unstructured information into a database of highly
structured profiles to be used to filter virtually unlimited amounts of transactional and other data for the presence of
known high-risk entities. The Global PatriotTM program takes the unstructured data from a multitude of data
sources and then correlates the data in a usable format in order to provide structured intelligence for client
processing utilization.

Patriot's data sources range from international organizations such as the United Nations Organization (UNO),
Interpol and a host of other international agencies, to U.S. national government sources such as the CIA, FBI,
Financial Services Authorities, OFAC and others.

As intelligence is gathered from the pertinent sources the data is correlated into a structured file database located
within a central repository that is securely managed by Patriot Techcorp.

The Windows version is designed for single users and desktop applications and it works with all Windows operating
systems. The Windows version can also be installed over a network providing the function of sharing common
client Data files, Accept lists, updated Data lists, and Output Search Result report files

The Global Patriot™ program is available as a Standard Package which includes data files from a selection of ten
(10) available data sources and also as a Premium Package which includes data files from over twenty-five (25)
available data sources.

About Patriot Techcorp

Patriot Techcorp, Inc. is a software research and development and network security management services firm that
specializes in combining advanced technology with vision and innovation to produce quality products and costeffective

The Patriot team is comprised of PhD level business professionals and computer science engineers that
collaborate in its efforts in being recognized as an industry leader providing comprehensive compliance &
technology solutions.

The founding management team has a combined tenure of over twenty-five years of experience within the
governmental and financial industries providing a wide array of solutions.
Patriot's engineering and programming team has developed and provided software applications and network
security consulting services for industries such as: financial, insurance, aviation, judicial, military and intelligence
sectors of the government, energy, communications and high-technology both in the United States and

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