Patriot Techcorp Welcomes Dr. Michael Lee as Director of Support Services



June, 2008


Patriot Techcorp' welcomes Dr. Michael Lee as Director of Support Services for Patriot Techcorp, Inc.


Prior to joining Patriot Techcorp Dr. Lee lectured for over 3 years on the international information technology circuit speaking on network infrastructure design and security management.


Dr. Lee is a senior level engineer that also worked for JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, affiliated with the California Institute of Technology), having worked predominantly on projects related to NASA for over 6 years.


By leveraging his past experience and leadership in designing and implementing various systems, security programs and software, Dr. Lee will play an integral role in developing and overseeing network infrastructure design and security management projects for Patriot clients on a global basis.



About Patriot Techcorp


Patriot Techcorp, Inc. is a software research and development and network security management services firm that specializes in combining advanced technology with vision and innovation to produce quality products and cost-effective solutions. 


The Patriot team is comprised of PhD level business professionals and computer science engineers that collaborate in its efforts in being recognized as an industry leader providing comprehensive compliance & technology solutions.


The founding management team has a combined tenure of over twenty-five years of experience within the governmental and financial industries providing a wide array of solutions.


Patriot' engineering and programming team has developed and provided software applications and network security consulting services for industries such as: casinos, export & import, financial, insurance, aviation, judicial, military and intelligence sectors of the government, energy, communications and high-technology on a Global basis.



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