Patriot Announces Realignment of Officer Roles

02 May 2011

Patriot Techcorp is pleased to recognize the realignment of its corporate officer structure promoting Dr. Franklin Lee, its current CTO to the new position of CEO/CTO.

Dr. Lee has been instrumental in expanding Patriot' scope of business to include expansion into global markets with key positioning in in the Middle East and Asian marketplaces.

This new role will provide Patriot with the opportunity to partner with several foreign governing bodies enabling Patriot to provide network security systems and the necessary compliance tools to expand Patriot' presence while ensuring its partners realize maximum benefits of up to date technology as it continuously expands with its needs.

Patriot' advanced biometric systems are soon to be released and implemented replacing out of date recognition systems.


About Patriot Techcorp

Patriot Techcorp, Inc. is a software research and development and network security management services firm that specializes in combining advanced technology with vision and innovation to produce quality products and cost-effective solutions. 

The Patriot team is comprised of PhD level business professionals and computer science engineers that collaborate in its efforts in being recognized as an industry leader providing comprehensive compliance &technology solutions.

The founding management team has a combined tenure ofover fifty years of experience within the governmental and financial industries providing a wide array of solutions.

Patriot' engineering and programming team has developed and provided software applications and network security consulting services for industries such as: casinos, export & import, financial, insurance,aviation, judicial, military and intelligence sectors of the government,energy, communications and high-technology both in the United States and internationally.

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